County Court at Law #3 and Probate Court, Brazoria County, Texas

Virtual Court Proceedings

For Criminal, Civil, Probate/Guardianship, and Juvenile Matters

  1. Please call (979) 864-1603 or email and if you are not feeling well and cannot come to court, or just want to reschedule your court date. Please call or email before your court date and time.  Leave a message if no one answers.  Your case is not officially rescheduled unless you get a response from the Court.
  1. You may attend in person if you want to, but you will be screened at the courthouse door under the current COVID-19 screening protocol and attendance will be limited.
  1. You may attend Court virtually or remotely by providing your email address for a Webex link to be provided. The Court will email you a Webex link before your scheduled Court hearing.  Please be sure to check your spam/junk email folder.  If you do not receive the Webex link, please call the Court.  Do not leave the remote hearing until Judge Warren excuses you.  Please appear appropriately dressed and free of distractions like driving, work, eating, or lying in bed; remember this is still and official Court proceeding.