To honor and remember all of our members who are no longer with us–may their memory ever remain a blessing to all who had the privilege of being graced by their presence.

Judge Alton Arnold

Elizabeth Armstrong

Bill Bandy

Ron Barclay

Bill Barrow

Justice Sam Bass, Jr.

Jeffrey Bendit

William L. Bennett

Alex Bill III

Kenneth Bing

Robert Bing

Bill Bittner

Judge James Blackstock

Judge David Bonnen

Channing Bradshaw

Judge E.E. “Red” Brewer

Charlie Britt

Roy Brown

JP Bryan

Bobby Burkhart

Mel Burridge

Judge Neil Caldwell

A.C. Calhoun

Floyd H. Christian Jr.

Jim Coate

Steve Coleman

Dwayne Colvin

Guy Crouch

Bert Crowther

Gordon Davenport

Cleveland Davis

John Davis

Thad Davis

Al Deere

Jerry Dozier

Judge Floyd Enlow

Dave Evans

Robert R. Farmer

Jerry Farrer

Raymond Fields

Louis Follett

Cesar Galli

Judge J. Ray Gayle III

Dominique P. Gerard

Judge Garvin Germany

Ralph Gilbert

Judge P.R. Goff

Hall W. Griggs

Judge Thurman Gupton

Judge G. P. Hardy

Judge Thomas Harlan

Emma Harris

Jack Harris

John Henderson

Otto Hewitt

Richard Higgins

Wayne Holder

Bill Howell

Marita Irmiter

B. Jackson

Marvin Kanak

Leland B. Kee

Carroll Kelly

Judge Tom Kenyon

Marcial Knapp

Elliott Knott

Bill Langworthy

Sam Lee

Frank Lima

Phil Loofbourow

Hugh Lucas

Jay Mallard

Jim Mapel

Judge A. Ray Mason

Carlos Masterson

Gary McConnell

Richard McElya

Stan McGee

Tom McMichael

Henry Mingarelli

Judge Milam Munson

Robert J. Newton

William A. Orr, Jr.

W. Patton

Franklin Perry

Senator Jimmy Phillips

Henry “Hank” Prejean

Michael Rees

R. Rucks

S. Sansom

Lloyd Stansberry

Judge Allen Stilley

Stanton Stone

Wiley Thomas

Alejandro Torres

Frank Waltermire

Judge O.G. Wellborn

Bobby Williams

Bruce Willis

Fred Wilson

Wallace Wilson

Judge Anthony Willy

Bill Yarborough

If we have inadvertently added/not included a name, please contact us so we may update the list.

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