Non-Essential Prove-ups Notice from Family Law Judges

In an effort to continue to move our family dockets, provide folks with an avenue to complete their cases, and to keep people safe during this time, the Family Law Courts of Brazoria County have implemented the following procedures for proving up non-essential modifications and divorces:

  1. Modifications can be submitted and will be signed without prove-up as long as both parties or both attorneys have signed the orders;
  2. Divorce cases can be proven up by affidavit as long as they hit all the prove-up questions for jurisdiction, best interest, fair and equitable division and no children born, adopted or expected as of the date of the signing of the affidavit. Affidavit must be filed at the time the Decree is filed and the Decree must contain both signatures of either the parties or attorneys. No defaults will be permitted during this time.
  3. We can conduct prove-up by ZOOM similar to a regular uncontested hearing as long as the decree is agreed. The other party does not need to appear by ZOOM, but they are welcome to be present, however, both signatures of either the parties or attorneys will be required.
  4. DO NOT contact the Court Coordinator for hearings dates. There will be no hearing dates unless it is to be done by ZOOM. Only contact the Coordinators when all the requirements set out herein are complete and the appropriate documents have been filed and accepted by the clerk’s office. And then, only contact the coordinators by email. The judges will be checking the queue regularly.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.