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Michelle Townsend CLE

(NOTE: This CLE was scheduled months ago, in order to timely apply for CLE credit from the State Bar.  This will be a broad overview of the various topics listed below and is not a discussion of any particular matter currently in the news.)

Please join us for our September 2021 Bar meeting!

Speaker: Michelle Townsend

Topics: “Jury Selection and Charging Issues in Criminal Cases”

Jury Selection

–           Jury Shuffle: Code of Criminal Procedure article 35.11;

–           Challenges for Cause: Code of Criminal Procedure articles 35.16, 35.19

–           Commitment questions: Standefer v. State, 59 S.W.3d 177 (Tex. Crim. App. 2001).

–           Strikes: for cause and peremptory (including Batson challenges and responses)

Jury Instructions

–           Determining the law applicable to the case & impermissible instructions: Code of Criminal Procedure article 36.14

–           Mental States: Result of Conduct, Nature of Conduct, and Circumstances of conduct -type offenses.

–           Unanimity

–           Defensive issues (e.g., self defense)

–           Lesser included offenses

–           Limiting instructions: Tex. Rule Evid. 105

–           When the Jury Decides legal issues, e.g., Code of Criminal Procedure articles 38.22, 38.23

–           Deadly weapon

–           Objecting to the charge

Those attending MUST RSVP by Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 at 5:00 P.M. via Eventbrite or by email to Angela Wollam.

Members in good standing of the Brazoria County Bar Association may attend for free, as long as RSVP is timely.  Non-members may attend only if sponsored and accompanied by a Brazoria County Bar Association member in good standing.  If you are not a member, contact us to discuss attending. Non-members, as well as members whom do not RSVP timely, are charged $20.

Handouts & Slides from the Meeting:

Jury Selection Charging Issues PowerPoint Slides

Jury Selection & Charging Issues-Handout

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