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On November 27, 2023, the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office Court Security Unit will begin accepting applications for Attorney Bypass Cards for Calendar Year 2024. This program was implemented under a memorandum of understanding with the Brazoria County Bar Association. Due to increased demand for attorney bypass cards, the program has been opened to attorneys who are members of any Bar Association located within Brazoria County. Attached is the application for 2024 (previous versions of the application will not be accepted).

The following changes to the application process will go into effect this year.

Members of Bar Associations Located in Brazoria County Only

  1. Email completed application court security. (Court Security will send a response email)

  2. Pay $50 processing fee at the Brazoria County Treasurer’s Office and email receipt to court security

  3. If needed, you will be contacted by Court Security to come take a photo and you will receive your card upon completion of the background investigation.


Over the past few months, since the opening of the Administration Building, there have been several incidents in which attorneys, who are members of the program, have deviated from the policies outlined in the program policy. In an effort to address some of the issues the following procedures have been put in place to mitigate any future deviation from the policy:

  1. Random security checks on attorneys with bypass cards will be conducted at both buildings at varying intervals everyday (C.5.f);

  2. Any attorney found to be carrying a firearm will have their bypass card immediately revoked (C.5.e);

  3. Any attorney found to be carrying prohibited items, other than firearms, may be subject to having their card revoked based on the discretion of the security officer (C.5.e);

  4. Any attorney who presents any form of their card other than the actual card issued to them in an attempt to bypass security will have their card immediately revoked (C.5.a);

  5. Any attorney who becomes argumentative with Deputies at the screening station will have their card immediately revoked (C.5.g).

Any card that is revoked by a deputy will be given to the Security Lieutenant. Appeals to regain access cards may be made to the Court Security Lieutenant.

Treasurer’s office, by cash or check. Please bring all receipts to the security desk on the first floor or email Aaron Kaspar at

Photo by Pixabay