Judge K. Randall Hufstetler served the citizens of Brazoria County as Judge for 24 years before retiring at the end of 2022. In honor of Judge Ogden Bass and in the honored memory of Judge Jay R. Gayle, III, Judge Hufstetler has made a sizeable donation to the Brazoria County Bar Foundation with funds earmarked for C.L.E. scholarships to help Brazoria County lawyers in advancing their trial skills in any practice area. The scholarship will be up to $1,500 to cover costs associated with the C.L.E. registration fees, as well as meals and hotel lodging, if needed.

Parameters & Qualifications:

  • Member of the Brazoria County Bar Association

  • Resident of Brazoria County or office in Brazoria County

  • Write a letter outlining why trial skills are important and why do you want to improve your trial skills

Featured in the images above: Honorable Judge Randy Hufstetler; Honorable Judge Jay R. Gayle, III; Honorable Judge Ogden Bass.

Judge K. Randall Hufstetler in Honor of Judge Ogden Bass & in Honored Memory of Judge J. Ray Gayle, III C.L.E. Scholarship