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Please join us for our October 2019 Bar meeting!

Speakers: Hon. K. Randall Hufstetler & Kris Hufstetler

Topic: “2020 Legislative Changes in Family Law”

headshot of Kris Hufstetler

Kris Hufstetler

Hon. K. Randall Hufstetler in judicial robe with American Flag behind him

Hon. K. Randall Hufstetler

Those attending MUST RSVP by Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 at 5:00 P.M. via our website or by email to Angela Wollam.

Members in good standing of the Brazoria County Bar Association may attend for free, as long as RSVP is timely.  Non-members may attend only if sponsored and accompanied by a Brazoria County Bar Association member in good standing.  If you are not a member, contact us to discuss attending. Non-members, as well as members whom do not RSVP timely, are charged $20.

Click Below to RSVP:


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