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The Brazoria County Bar Association, Inc. is proudly sponsoring:

How to Find and Use Location Information in Litigation


Speaker: Tom Plunkett, Director of Digital Forensics at Archer Hall

Determining the location of an individual at a specific point in time can make or break a case. You can use location data to present an alibi defense, discredit a witness or party, show how long someone was on the road prior to a crash, establish where a digital contract was signed, and more. This unique webinar will show you how to find and use location data in your case. We will answer your pre-submitted and live questions, as well as walk-through real-world location analysis. You will come away knowing where to find data to support your case as well as how to analyze some of the data yourself.

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Director, Digital Forensics @ArcherHall
Thomas Plunkett is the Director of Digital Forensics at ArcherHall, San Diego. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and EnCase Certified Forensic Examiner (EnCE) with over 20 years of experience in digital forensics, cybersecurity and counterintelligence. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems and is an adjunct professor, teaching cybersecurity and digital forensics topics at the University of San Diego. Mr. Plunkett has led investigations involving data breaches, computer hacking, theft of intellectual property, and foreign intelligence operations. His clients have included all levels of government, law firms, casinos, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, technology companies and celebrities.

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