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Before submitting your dues payment, please note:  If you have practiced law at least 40 years and/or you are age 70 or older, you may qualify for “Honorary Member” status and have your dues fees waived–please contact Angela Wollam by email or at: 979-864-1225, prior to making a dues payment.

The Brazoria County Bar Association, Inc. utilizes the well-established and secure vendor AffiniPay to process such payments. You DO NOT need an AffiniPay account to use this service and have the option of paying directly with major debit or credit card during the process.  The link below will direct you through the process and you should receive an email confirmation once completed.  The Brazoria County Bar Association, Inc. does not retain payment card data or bank information on its network servers.  The information is only used to submit payment transaction information to the trusted payment networks for payment card or electronic funds transfer processing.

Many of you are familiar with and/or use LawPay, an AffiniPay Solution, which is the preferred payment processor of the State Bar of Texas.  AffiniPay has a program for organizations and non-profits that allows payments with lower transaction fee costs.  This keeps more funds in the Brazoria County Bar Association, Inc. operating account, which ultimately benefits you, our members.

Pursuant to the notice requirement in Section 6113, Internal Revenue Code, contributions to the Brazoria County Bar Association, Inc. are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.  Consult your tax professional to determine if any purchase is deductible as a business expense.

If you experience any difficulties making a payment with our e-commerce store, please utilize the following link to pay at our payment portal at AffiniPay:

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