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The Brazoria County Bar Association honored its members who have been practicing law greater than 40 years at the 2012 Law Day Luncheon.

Members 40 + Years

Hon. Ogden Bass, David Bonnen, James Bradford, J.E. “Buster” Brown, Hon. Neil Caldwell, Glen Chaney, Floyd Christian, A.G. Crouch, Michael Culling, Hon. Ed Denman, John Dewey, Robert Farmer, Hon. Paul Ferguson, Hon. J. Ray Gayle, III, Sam Lee, II, Jay Mallard, William Orr, Jr., Lawrence Packard, Jimmy Phillips, Jr., Michael Phillips, John Powell, Jr., Hon. John Rainey, George Rau, Michael Rees, Charles Richardson, Larry Schwertner, Wallace Shaw, Buddy Stevens, Vaughn Stewart, Everett Stovall, Victor Sturm, Alton Todd, Bruce Willis, George “Toby” Wommack

The Brazoria County Bar Association

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