Historic Bar Association Photos

Here you will find photos relevant to Brazoria County Bar history.

If you have any photos you would like to share that are relevant to Bar Association events/people/history, please send them to Angela Wollam.  We want to preserve and share the history of the practice of law in Brazoria County, Texas.

The following photos are courtesy of Sam Lee, II:

Note: Captions and years are based on notations with photos.  If you know additional names of people in photos, please contact us so we may correct/add the information.


Hon. Thurman Gupton and Hon. Sam Lee shake hands, after Sam Lee sworn in as District Attorney in 1953



swearing in of elected officials, unknown year



Sam Lee being sworn in as District Attorney 1953

Hon. Sam Lee being sworn in as District Attorney in 1953



First women to serve on a petit jury, unknown year



Creation of District Attorney office

creation of District Attorney’s office, unknown year.  Hon. Sam Lee 2nd from L, state Sen. Jimmy Phillips 4th from L



grand jury 1956 first woman to serve as foreman

first woman to serve as a foreman of a Brazoria County grand jury, 1956



Angleton Navy Reserve Law Company in 1955

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